Valentines Gift Ideas for the Ladies

By: Maia Castillo


Let’s face it, Valentines in the Philippines is a Chick thing. 10 years ago, Valentines was just a normal day for all of us but since the merchants (I’m looking at you super big mall that shall not be named) have hop to this tradition and turning this day to a profit, a lot of people “now” celebrate the day, specially to those who are in a relationship. Here are some ideas to the men who have no clue on what to give their ladies this valentines.

Bouquet & Sweets.

Ah, nothing beats the classics. This past few years have been all about the flower box bouquet trend. Surprise your lady with a new twist to the classic bouquet and throw some sweets in to it like the good, old – Chocolates.


Credit: @viraglauravirag

If your lady is not into chocolates, I saw an instagram post that offers flower box bouquet together with french macaron. This box just transports you to Paris.


Credit: @flowerbox_wro

But if your looking for unique idea, I came a cross a facebook page, it looked like a stuff toy bouquet or a bouquet out of stuff toys. I think it’s a really cute and fun gift.


Credit: Gift Zone

FB Page:

A Road Trip.

If your gal is just like me this surprise will definitely sweep her off her feet. There are a lot of road trip worthy places to go around.


Tagaytay is just a car drive away from Manila. Easy to access, got lots of romantic view. Credit: @pancakemaia

If your babe is a mermaid at heart, go on a beach trip. Batangas, La Union and Zambales is a weekend friendly road trip, you can hop a bus on Friday and can easily return on Sunday.

If she’s an art lover – try to go on a museum.


Did you know that the National Museum is free of entrance on Sundays?

But if adrenaline rush is what your looking for, perhaps a 4×4 off-road kind of trip or a roller coaster zip-line ride, up north at Pampanga offers those kind of stuffs. As long as you both enjoy the trip, any would actually do. Plus there’s something about a road trip that’s simply blissful.

Dinner for two.

This doesn’t just constrict you on dinning out. You can either cook for your lady or reserved a seat at a fancy new restaurant. Here’s a recipe from Tasty, definitely worth a try.

It will definitely bring an “aww…” and if I might add, if you’re looking for the right time to POP the question, Valentines Day is the perfect day to do it.

As default as my recommendations may seem but those three are bullet proof, solid ideas. Besides, the important thing is that you’re there to spend this day with your love one.

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