StockFile 5 Picks: Office Themed Games


Content Producer: Maia Castillo
Motion Graphics & Editor: Maia Castillo



StockFile 5 Picks: Office Themed Games
Office Space…

From the 1999 movie – Office Space, this online game revolves around Peter, Samir, and Michael’s story to get back at Initech for laying them off.

Office Jerk…

In Office Jerk, you can grab whatever you can find and hurl it at him.

Office Slacking…

Guilty as charge, Every Office Girl can easily relate to this game. There are eight mini-games to play just be careful to be uncaught by the boss.

Office Politics…

This game is available on Android and iOS format. Every character in the game is relatable, from Shadow Ninjas, Old Birds, The Pretenders and Office Bimbos. Every office has them.

Office Rumble…

This online game kinda gives you the rival school gone adult kind of feel. This is comedic and highly entertaining, instead of punching your real life officemate on the face.

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