StockFile 5 Picks: Zombie Games

Content Producer: Philip ” Manics” Manicad
Motion Graphics & Editor: Maia Castillo



StockFile 5 Picks: Zombie Games

Dead Ahead

Dead Ahead is an action-packed endless zombie runner game. In this game you can pimp your ride and upgrade your weapons.


Zombie Anarchy

Each survivor has a unique fighting ability and backstory to discover. and keep your enemies from walking in and taking your supplies with Watchtowers, Flamethrowers and other deadly defenses


Zombie Highway 2

From Zombie Highway 1, a new and randomly generated road with multiple, super-detailed environments every game. and your friends might appear on your highway near their best score.


The Walking Dead : No Man’s Land

You can collect and upgrade your favorite characters from AMC’s The Walking Dead. Join other players in deadly weekly challenges and PVP combat for exclusive rewards


Zombie Catchers

Catch zombies and discover new territories. Unlock exciting new gadgets and build a juicy and delicious business empire.

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