StockFile 5 Picks: Cute Must-Have Items for the Beach

By: Maia Castillo


Want to hit the beach with style? Checkout these cute items to bring for your next summer escapade.

1. Emoji Powerbanks (Php 349.74) SM Stationery


Travel means lots of pics and you don’t wanna run out of juice while on the road. These emoji powerbanks will surely bring the life to your phone.

2. Two piece bikini with Sleeves (Php 549) SevenDays Swimwear

What’s a beach trip without wearing a bikini, right? Feeling a bit shy about your arms, try these bikini tops that will accent your toned abs without worrying about your pits.

3. Unicorn Floatie (Php 2,000) FashionPassion Boutique


Unicorns are so in right now, especially in floaties form. This cute item is perfect for your new profile picture.

4. Sunglasses (Php 2,299 – 2,499) Woodchuck Manila


These sunglasses will surely protect your eyes from the harsh ray of the sun.

5. Fan phone plug-in (Php 99) SM Stationery


Just plug it to your phones and it will instantly breeze you. What’s more cuter is that it comes with various colors to match your everyday outfit. Yay!


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