StockFile 5 Picks: Hidden Object Games

Content Producer: Ivy Torrejos
Motion Graphics & Editor: Maia Castillo



StockFile 5 Picks: Hidden Objects Games

Hidden objects : Gardens of time
This game offers some exciting locations like Egyptian Pyramids, Taj Mahal, the Great Barrier Reef. Plus decorate your garden with amazing structures from throughout history.

Hidden city : mystery of shadows

Over 2000 quests to complete
and 14 monsters to battle in mini-games.

Midnight Castle : Hidden Objects

Stunning visuals, hidden objects, and spooky characters.

Hidden Objects: Mystery Crimes

Find hidden objects and evidence in gorgeous Retina Display-ready scenes.

Who Is The Killer? Episode I

Breathtaking detective gameplay for those who like to think. With original criminal mini-games and puzzles.

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