StockFile Book Review: The Last Hero: A Discworld Fable

By: Ivy Torrejos



The Last Hero: A Discworld Fable

Author:  Terry Pratchett

Illustrator:  Paul Kidby

Publisher:  Gollancz (Imprint of Orion Publishing Group)

Book Type:  Paperback, 176 pages, fully illustrated

Released:  September 2007

Rating:  5/5 ★★★★★

The Last Hero is the 27th book in the Discworld Series written by bestselling author Terry Pratchett with beautiful illustrations by Discworld artist, Paul Kidby.

The Story

Cohen the Barbarian is a legend. He was known  throughout  Discworld as a great hero.  Along with the rest of the Silver Horde, they roam the Disc doing heroic deeds. They have been heroes for a very, very long time.

With the intent to return the Fire stolen by the first hero back to the Gods, the Silver Horde are prepared to finish their last heroic adventure. Whom better to chronicle their story and have it turned to a saga, but a bard who sings about flowers. Let’s just say they were in a hurry and just got whomever was available.

My Reaction

The Last Hero was the first book that I ever had on the Discworld Series. Back then, I was looking for a different story that would perk me up (I was having a bad day). Seeing it on the shelves of a bookstore, I was drawn by its wonderful pages full of illustrations (it’s like a childrens book) and it’s a twist on a familiar theme (Conan the Barbarian?!). I read the synopsis at the back and was intrigued by the storyline. I bought the book and it became one of my favorite.

The Last Hero could be an introduction to Discworld. It shows you key characters, like the Patrichian of Ankh-Morporke, the wizards of Unseen University, the policemen of the Watch and normal (in their way) everyday people that makes you think of it as a place very familiar and at the same time very different. There are adventures and quite moments (like everyday life) that  pushes the imagination to see a unique, but somewhat familiar, world.

I have read The Last Hero many times since I bought it. I always wanted to experience the adventure and funny moments. It helps cheer me up everytime I find myself in a lag. Once, I recommended this book to my sister when she was looking for a new book to read and I was happy that she enjoyed it.


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